The Dex Epicentre

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The building encompasses four main elements:

The Glass Drop
Smashing and dropping glass in fun. In the Dex this is possible, automatically raising awareness for recycling and making the process of recycling a experience instead of a chore.

Skate Park / Public Event Space
There is no central place for skaters in Newcastle at the moment. Re-purposing a old parking garage into a skate park is the perfect idea. Car parks are used by skaters all the time anyway! Accessible to all, the building is makes space for pop-up features such as food trucks or installations.

Artist Studios
Many artists and creative people are finding it hard to find studio space to practice their work. These new studios will offer artists a permanent space to work in and configure to the needs of their craft.

The Gallery gives new and upcoming artist a chance to showcase their work. Together with the Laing Gallery and the City Library opposite the square will form a new cultural quarter.

Site Plan

Approaching the city from the east, the Dex Epicentre acts as a threshold to the city

Perspective Section of a Typical Artist Studio